Tips to avoid Dosa sticking to the pan

Tips to avoid Dosa sticking to the pan

There are multiple reasons why your dosa would stick on with the pan.
1. pan not hot enough
The pan ought to neither be too hot or cold. to visualize if the pan is well heated, try this straightforward check. Sprinkle some water on prime. The water ought to sizzle at once however not an excessive amount of that it causes the ton of steam.

2. Not enough grease
You don’t have to be compelled to add lots of oil. simply few drops before creating a dosa and unfold employing a cut onion or maybe a towel. This rule particularly holds true for a nonstick pan that doesn’t would like grease. thus confirm to rub the surplus off with a towel.

3. Batter doesn’t have correct consistency
Dosa batter ought to be creamy. Too thick and not well ground may result in dosa projected to the pan.

4. Lack of fermentation
A good dosa whereas preparation develops lovely very little holes. If your area unit missing, you recognize the batter has not hard well. This conjointly contributes to Dosas projected to the pan.

5. reasonably pan
Though nonstick pan makes for a neater job, i might in person advocate victimization ancient forged iron tawa/skillet to create the instance Dosa. Ideally, you’d wish to speculate one solely for dosas. victimization the tawa for alternative foods like rotis etc tends to create it more durable to create Dosas. Keep your Tawa seasoned and exclusive for Dosa creating.