Tapioca Bonda Recipe and Malayalam video

Now we have a lot of coconut tones, and we can get some cool tapioca tip here and put the beef into a good tap … the good tast is to put the beef and eat the kanthari to dump it … Today we make a bold with a cup of candy made The ship is a boneless pin .

Maida – 500g
Sea shell – 100 grams
Chopped red – a tablespoon
Onion chopped – a cup
Garlic paste – a tablespoon
Tap – a half cup
Green chilli cut into jars – eight
Pepper powder- a teaspoon
Turmeric – a pinch
Mustard – a pinch
Salt – as needed
Coconut oil
Coriander leaves and curry leaves

How to make wath video and Please share this recipe with all of your friends.