Siine Shortcut Keyboard in a just single click application

The Shortcut Keyboard will change your texting life! Its free, ad-free, and top quality. You have to try it out, but its a very cool idea for easier, more fluid messaging.
Have your signatures and frequently used phrases for 1-click easy access.
Customize your keyboard for your style of chatting and texting.
Shortcut Keys is designed for people who spend too much time and effort typing. That means you!

A brilliant clock module makes typing times fast and easy.
Type dates like you do when you book a flight – by clicking a calendar. No need to write everything out. You can even get the calendar module to show you your availability as you type… no need to switch between apps in order to arrange a meet up.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic
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