Samagra mgov Services application

Mobile governance services of Local Government Department, Kerala. The services from entire Kerala covers 6 Municipal Corporations, 87 Municipalities, 14 District Panchayats, 152 Block Panchayats and 941 Grama Panchayats. The entire app and services developed by Information Kerala Mission, an autonomous institution under Local Self Government Department.

The main information available here is to know about the ‘Samagra’ application, which has come up in six corporations, 87 municipalities and 941 grama panchayats in Kerala.

Go to the online services in the app released by the Information Kerala Mission and first select the Local Authority which you are involved in. There are eight services available online, which is what it is.

Birth, death, marriage registrations
If you have your birth date, gender and mother’s name for birth registration information, you will get information about your birth registration number. Provide death registration information and death name information information.

Marriage date is sufficient to know the registration details of the husband / wife’s name.

Taxes, fees, licenses
This includes information on building taxes, fees and licenses.

File, inward tracking
Through this service you will be able to find a building construction permit or any other application information. You have to give a post number and year.

Elected representatives
The name and details of the representatives of your local body are also known.

Plan, Projects, Monitoring
You can find the details of plans and projects submitted to your local body if you select the category.

Welfare Pensioners
You can find the pension information such as the old age, the disabled and the widow who have submitted to the local body.

Though there are some defects in the application of the government developed at the government level, it can be resolved according to the update.

If you have any errors in the information you want to receive, you may contact your local body of directors or the address below.
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