How To reduce cholesterol

Fat foods, fast food, and lack of exercise can cause problems in the body. There are some simple ways to eliminate cholesterol.

We can follow the way of defending cholesterol without spending too much time in our daily lives. If we do not care about the possibility of cholesterol, there will not be a great risk to our life
Cholesterol can be prevented by using regular and regularly used materials and eating habits at home.

Moral water storage
A good lot of fresh runny water is a drink which helps to eliminate cholesterol. It helps to prevent the functioning of bell acids that can lead to increased cholesterol. It is good to use morphine.

Nutrients are also effective in eliminating bad cholesterol. Amla helps in improving good cholesterol.

Curry leaves
Chopped cabbage also helps to get rid of cholesterol. Combine some curry leaves with hot water in the morning to help reduce the cholesterol very quickly.

Cholesterol levels in the blood vessels in the garlic can help prevent cholesterol. It is better to chew green.

Green tea
Regular use of anti-oxidants, the green tea, helps to keep the poisons out. It can also exit HDL and cause cholesterol

Use of soybeans will help reduce HDL cholesterol levels from 6 to 9 percent.