How to recover get lost files from iphone

Many of us who use smartphones do save on our mobile phones and videos, but it is one of the main complaints that friends often claim to have been mistaken for the valuable files stored by us. Many do not miss files that are considered too costly for many people

Today we are discussing how we can get back the files that we lost like this, and many of them will be seen on the page that I’ve uploaded on this page in front of it. Discussing here is how to get lost files from the iPhone we use. If we have a computer with ours, we can easily get lost files in this way. You can find the video I’ve uploaded on this topic to determine how to do that.

Let’s see how to get back. That’s what you need is a computer with your hand, a cable, and a compute itune, and a phone of phonerescue. After connecting to your iphone computer via cable, open the recovery tool we have installed, and then select the file what you want to get back to. So if only images are selected, select Images and then start scanning with the next click. After a few minutes of operation, you can see the number of possible files and the number of possible files. You can then backup those files to a place of interest in your computer or to a newly built FolLerter. Keep in mind that the scanning will not be removable with the mobile computer during the ongoing scratch, so do not run other programs on the computer at the back ground. Remember this recovery is not free

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