Network Signal Information Aplication

“Network Signal Info” provides elaborated data over the presently used network with correct signal strength output, whether or not local area network (WLAN) or cellular (mobile) affiliation and is straightforward to use.
Do you understand ? Network Signal data / professional ar distinctive
This type of software package is just offered on automaton smartphones – neither iOS nor Window Phones.

The app has 2 widgets, one for mobile- and one for WiFi-Signalstrength (free version), Six widgets within the professional version,,three for mobile- and 3 for WiFi-Signalstrength.
(If you cannot notice widgets, please copy the app to phone memory)

I have place special price on the image of the local area network and mobile signal strength. they’re commonly solely divided in decrepit, sensible and glorious. diagrammatically within the variety of largely “only” 3 to 5 bars on the Mobile Radio and 3 to 5 “waves” by a local area network affiliation.

In my app I differentiate the signal strength in additional bars. this can offer you a fast pictured and elaborated data concerning however sensible the signal strength is actually.

In addition to the additional|far more|rather more|way more} refined graphical illustration of the signal strength you may see some more attention-grabbing data.

In “Mobile Signal”:
Network operators, Sim operator, phone type, network sort, network strength in dbm and ASU, data state, knowledge activity, country code of the transportable, device ID, IP address, roaming state …

In “Wi-Fi signal”:
Wi-Fi-Name (SSID), BSSID, mackintosh address, most Wi-Fi speed, IP address, external IP address, internet capability, internet channel, subnet mask, entranceway IP address, DHCP server address, DNS1 and DNS2 address. …

If you prefer the app, please provide American state a positive rating within the market.

The PRO version (compared to the free version) has no ads, a brand new cell tower information with over eighty millions a lot of entries, a brand new MOBILE SIGNAL hunter perform that generates a KML file to be used with Google Earth, a lot of widgets, a MOBILE SIGNAL LOST SERVICE and far a lot of.