How to prepare Malabar special Dates Fritters -watch video

Dates square measure smart supply of energy and made in fiber content. Dates fritters square measure one amongst the quite common iftar direction particularly in Malabar space. Date fritters square measure terribly straightforward to arrange in ten to fifteen min. due to the natural sweetness in dates each one likes this direction. Please strive from your aspect and supply the


Dates – 15 Nos

Badam – 15 Nos

Wheat flour – 1/3 cup

Sugar – 2 Tbsp

Cardamom powder – 3 Nos

Baking Powder – 1 Pinch

Salt to taste

Oil as need to fry


Cut the dates and take away the seed, then fill it with a Badam and keep it aside Take a bowl and add flour, Salt, Sugar and leavening into it and blend well Pour 1/3 cup water very little} by little into the flour and blend it well by hand or spoon Take the dates one by one and dip it into the batter Heat a pan and pour the desired oil to try to to a deep fry Transfer the dates one by into the recent oil and do deep fry on either side Dates fritters ar able to serve