How To Make Chicken Six Pack

In India some popular non veg restaurants attract the customers by displaying this mouthwatering red colored crispy chicken sixpack in lunch and dinner time.
How To Make Chicken Six Pack. Watch this video. Courtesy: Crafts Media

I am always attracted by colorful foods and love to try at home than eating out. Instead of the deep frying technique they use in hotels, I make this by shallow frying.

Clean the chicken after removing the skin. The wings can have some skin on.
Wash well. then two scar on the both chest.
In the mean time mix green chilli paste, ginger paste, red chilli powder, salt and two lemon juce, then apply this paste to the whole chicken.
Keep this marinated chicken for 1 hour keep in the refrigerator.

Heat a heavy bottom wok with 1/2 cup oil. (Frying in ghee or butter is the best. Coconut oil also makes the chicken tastes good). Or use any frying oil.
First put the breast side down and fry in medium flame for 10 minutes.
Flip carefully and put a tight lid. Cook covered in low heat for 15 minutes.
Again flip and cook covered for 10 minutes.
Now take out the lid and fry in medium heat both sides, till it is completely fried and becomes red. Chicken sixpackis ready!