Glass cleaning tips

Glass Cleaning tips

• Spray vinegar solution over entire surface (use a lot of for a lot of bespattered glass).

• Rub smartly with any quite towel to loosen any build-up.

• Fold towel over to a brand new dry aspect and take away remaining wet.

• Let surface dry totally (usually I clean the sink throughout this time).

• come with a spanking new, dry cotton towel (microfibers tend to feature a lot of lint owing to their staticky nature) to buff out streaks and take away remaining lint.

The secret trick to lure lint
The drying step is essential to the ultimate shine. If you arrange to buff the glass whereas it’s still wet, you’ll solely relocate the lint. this is often as a result of rubbing the glass causes a static charge that pulls lint and keeps it.

If you let the glass dry and therefore the static dissipate, it’s abundant easier to drag off the remaining lint.

How to clean very dirty glass
For further dirty mirrors and windows that have caked-on build-up (this methodology are often used outside too) or a thick smoke film, use the subsequent method:

• Spray vinegar answer over entire surface, creating it drippy and wet.

• Scrub entire window/mirror with the scrubby aspect of a non-scratch scour sponge (Note: the industrial ones can scratch glass, therefore forever rummage around for “all purpose” or “non scratch” on the label).

• Use tiny squeegee to get rid of excess water.

• Work from one aspect of the glass sheet to the opposite with horizontal, overlapping strokes and dry the squeegee blade in between swipes.

• Use a cotton towel round the edges, removing any extra moisture;

• Check once dry to form positive all streaks and lint ar removed.

Go ahead, take the plunge and take a look at with this inexperienced thanks to clean glass. You’ll be astonied at the benefit and affordability of this methodology.

Know that some lint-chasing is traditional. If it starts to drive you crazy, simply take an occasion, come during a minute and therefore the lint are going to be able to come back right off!