EVA Facial Mouse aplication for android

EVA FACIAL MOUSE could be a free and open supply application that permits the access to functions of a mobile device by suggests that of pursuit the user face captured through the frontal camera. supported the movement of the face, the app permits the user to manage a pointer on the screen (i.e., sort of a mouse),which provides direct access to most parts of the computer programme.

People with amputations, brain disease, funiculus injury, genetic abnormality, MS, amyotrophic lateral pathology (ALS) or different disabilities is also beneficiaries of this app.

EVA has been developed in collaboration with experts and users from organizations of ASPACE Confederation (Spain). In particular, ASPACE Asturias, ASPACE Barcelona, ASPACE Gipuzkoa, ASPACE Granada, APPC Tarragona and AVAPACE. Furthermore, it has been tested by CEAPAT, CRE (León) and ASPAYM Castilla y León.