Smart Hide Calculator

application name-Smart Hide Calculator
source-play store

Smart Hide Calculator” may be a totally practical calculator app however with the somewhat twist. Once you enter the password(u get to line it on initial begin of app and may even be modified in future) associated press the ‘=’ button then boom you’re bestowed to an interface wherever you’ll hide, unhide photos, videos, documents or files with any file extension placed during a folder on sd card, and if your device have root you’ll additionally hide (freeze) and unhide (un-freeze) apps.

1.) everybody can assume it as a straightforward calculator
2.) Hide and Unhide photos, videos, hide documents or the other media kind
3.) Hide and Unhide apps **ROOT needed
4). do not show itself in recent apps
5). just in case user forgets the watchword he will recover it by going into watchword recovery mode(by pressing 123456789+987654321 in calculator) and providing the secondary watchword
6). read hidden files while not unhiding them once more

More and additional options and enhancements are created accessible presently. Suggestions ar continually welcome.

Note: 1. the key screen’s UI(the one whining and un-hide buttons) might look a bit degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} weird on small screen sizes
2. Refresh gallery button won’t add mechanical man kitkat four.4 (and it’s unfeasible fix this). don’t be concerned its not even required and can most likely be removed in future unharness